Archmage Career Masteries

The high elves are the most powerful mages in the world, and the Archmages are the best mages among the high elves.

A High Elf Archmage has three paths of mastery they can follow:

Path of Isha

The Path of Isha is focused on restoring health and life to the Archmage’s allies. A skilled Master of this path will be adept at weaving offensive magic in with his healing magic, greatly extending the efficiency of his beneficial spells.

Path of Asuryan

The Path of Asuryan is primarily aimed at bringing forth the destructive side of the Winds of Magic. An Archmage who specializes in this path will become adept at raining down doom upon his foes, while simultaneously manipulating the flows of arcane power to fuel his healing magic as well.

Path of Vaul

The Path of Vaul is a subtle Mastery that focuses on both crippling the Archmage’s enemies, and strengthening his allies. The specialist in this Mastery relies on cunning effects to lead his foes to an inevitable doom which they won’t even realize is approaching until it’s too late.”

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