Realm War in WAR

If you’ve stopped by lately you’ve seen the new tab labeled “Realm War” and probably are wondering what exactly we’ll see there.

Over at Ten Ton Hammer they interviewed Scott Stricklin and asked for details on what kind of data we’ll see on the Realm War page:

“Ten Ton Hammer: Will there be a way for characters to view what equipment other players have?

Scott Stricklin: It is going to show character information, stats, and equipment. Our original concept is just to make all of that available and once we get passed launch we’ll consider what kind of options we want to give people for display.

On top of that the leaderboards are obviously open to everybody. We want people who are distinguishing themselves to sort of have their name in lights. They’ve achieved something and for the moment, they are and this shows everyone who are the real movers and shakers.

I think the real meat of the Realm War website is going to be the state of the war on any given server. A lot of what is exciting about RvR in Warhammer Online is the upper tier, sieging cities, and taking objectives. We want to make all that available to people so they can see exactly what their guild is doing or what sort of ownership they have.

Is their server in trouble or has one side made a breakthrough? Those are the sorts of things we want to make available.”

This is a great way to spend even more time playing WAR. Even when you’re not in game you can still obsess over the world map and keep up to date on the state of the game.

Read the whole interview over at Ten Ton Hammer.

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