An Analysis of Total War Warhammer

An Analysis of Total War Warhammer

How ring to the finger arrived for Total War its new alliance with Warhammer, the legendary table game on strategic military battles, with which they have managed to revitalize both projects, giving life to TotalWar: Warhammer, combining a video game that offers a spectacular and entertaining mode of rural combat.

Total War: Warhammer was released on May 24, 2016, developed by The Creativae Assembly and distributed by Sega; it is available for Microsoft Windows, OS X and Linux. This title includes a campaign game mode, a multiplayer style and a cooperative mode that is another of the novelties of the saga.

The single-player campaign mode will be developed looking for dominating the map; the multiplayer style offers 1 vs 1, 2 vs 2 or 3 vs 3 combat modes, where the objective is to defeat the rival faction in the middle of fierce and spectacular battles; it also highlights the cooperative game mode, where two or more friends can participate in the campaign mode, either fighting as a team, or representing rival sides.

This videogame from the recognized British studios, proposes a mode of strategy by turns and of tactics in real time, by means of which extraordinary and interesting tactical elements of war are combined, with fantastic beings of all type, who form intricate battalions of up to hundreds of members, who are the protagonists of the monumental battles that are generated.

Unlike previous Total War, the battle mode has had important changes that give it a greater spectacularity and dynamism; the exciting and violent battles, are only a part of the action, besides the combat mode it is also important the strategic management where your diplomatic skills will be tested; in this sense also represents an advance the map of strategy much more intuitive and simple.

Although without a doubt one of the elements to emphasize of Total War: Warhammer, is its artistic section; the creation of settings and scenery is sensational, and although graphically it does not represent great advances in relation to the last delivery, the finish of the characters and the locations, it is of great quality, generating a whole atmosphere.

In this sense, the advances in the artificial intelligence in the game are also highlighted, since details such as the weather, have great incidence in the battles, in a way that would also be expected in real situations, where the weather conditions can totally change the movements and the mechanics of the game.

The characters are also very attractive, fantastic creatures like the ogres-dragon, whose attacks are really devastating, are an example of the spectacularity that is pursued with this title, which also includes strong ingredients of magic, which can help us to generate multiple effects, powers and forms of combat.

Among the negative points that we find, we must also point out the excessive loading times, although it becomes understandable by the enormous variety of elements animated simultaneously, despite the fact that programming errors are also perceived; and a soundtrack that is somewhat limited. The game is also not fully available in Spanish, and although it has a mode for this language, in reality it is only the counselors who have this ability.

And although this is a title that surely you will love if you’re a follower of Warhammer, even if you’re not, you will call attention to their impressive battles, which are leaving great taste in the mouth, plus it is just the first chapter of a trilogy that will give much to talk about, you can download from Steam, for $ 59 or 53 euros, a price worth if you are a lover of any of this saga, the strategy games or rampant battles.

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