Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel

Over the last ten years me and my kids have tried all kinds of steering wheels and racing game equipment to liven up the experience of gaming. This has ranged from the Sega saturn steering wheels to PlayStation 1, 2 and 3, so this is coming from a gamer with a bit of experience with these devices. The older ones are laughable now in comparison to the new futuristic ones but so are the games I suppose. I have watched this sector of gaming evolve with great games like gran turismo, need for speed and loads of the formula 1 type racing games. I was never sold on the wii with the interactive features, I appreciate it but I’m a racing gamer and so are my two teenage sons. I have used the G25 Racing Wheel model before and was impressed with its design so I looked to Logitech to answer my racing questions.

When shopping around for a new racing wheel I ask myself some key questions to make sure Im not sold something i have used, tested and moved away from. Is this wheel going to tailor to the accuracies I demand for modern racing games? Are the features of the G25 models and other previous wheels going to be revamped and remodelled?

Upon receiving the G25 Racing Wheel (with free postage- bonus :) ) I opened it to reveal a puzzle of wires and contraptions. AAArgh why cant anything ever be simple I had two kids raring to use it and pestering me whilst I worked out this maze of electronic cables. After a while of confusion and cursing the Logitech Steering g27 I had it configured and ready to go, time for a test drive, in goes need for speed shift. this game demands that you use manual gearing, perfect place to start I suppose.

The modern games now synchronise with the wheel and display the controls on the screen. A great feature is how you can adjust and redesign the layout of the pedals to suit your racing style and for the comfort of how you sit etc. The new gearing position suits me a lot more than other models and I feel greater comfort and can game for longer durations.


Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Transmission and Console

A futuristic look into gaming incredibly interactive and realistic for example on the really fast games you can feel the vibration of the wheel in your hands at speeds 110 mph plus. The kids love this and you can really feel your tyres slip on corners and the realistic reactions you get when driving a car. When using games that demand manual transmission it is really fun to use the gears and really get stuck in it is a real blast teaching the boys about this stuff.

The G27 Racing Wheel is realistic and a full size wheel which is a pleasant suprise and feature and also adds a new dimension to the wheels accuracy and appeal for enjoyment. The 900 degree turning really comes into play when you are trying to dig yourself out of a sticky situation and those long drawn out corners.

There are six gears and a shifter for the reversing gear to make it simpler for the hectic situations when you actually need to reverse the car. New angle of gears is more suitable for comfort and the leds that indicate gear change are great for amateur users. The pedals

Logitech G27 Racing Wheel Pedals

Made from steel and realistic to the pressure of the foot a feature overlooked by other designers. With this new design you can put the accelerator all the way day and let rip. Indicators

The indicators are really smart and synchronises with the car on the game to create yet another dimension of realism to the experience.


  • Accuracy- it is accurate, the wheel is a great size, the vibrations and feeling are more accurate and realistic than other competing wheels for this price.

  • Comfortable- the new design for this Game Steering Wheel is comfortable and well laid out, I can say or definite that i can now spend longer gaming due to the new lay out, longer rotation of wheel and general feel of it.

  • Reduced noise- the wheel does not make the same clunking sounds that the old ones used to a good feature that reduces the slight annoyance that this used to create.

  • Adjustable pedals- innovative idea, nice to have an option and lay it out how you want to and what suits your style of racing.

  • Competitive price with the gaming magazines, shops and even online.

  • Free postage- this really impressed me the games magazines and other sites were quoting hideous postage costs and the shops were asking for a small fortune just for the wheel and me collecting it.


  • Assemblage time- this really suprised me I did not expect to spend that long putting it together before getting to use it.

  • There are an awful lot of cables to deal with to gamers this can be a pain in the butt and after speaking to some friends on forums this is the same feature they isolated as the only key issue.

  • All in all the pros far outweigh the cons and I am very happy with this purchase and generally feel that in the next five years they could not add much to this design that would urge me to change over. Would definitely recommend this to all kinds of gamers it really is immersive and full on and chucks you right into the race. It is all about feeling and recognizing the subtleties that make this G27 Wheel the best on the market for its price and that also make it worth the quite large price tag. I found it suitable for younger and older users and we have had great deals of use out of it even the wife had a race.

  • Really looking forward to the new need for speed and nascar (out in November!!) to really put this wheel to the test. I would give this one a four and a half out of five.

We don’t sell it but great places like Ebay sells this product at affordably low prices and has tons of real customer reviews from the hundreds of customers that tried it. However, they often sell out as this is a popular G27 Racing Wheel. So if you see it in stock and at a good price it is worth grabbing, because they are generally the cheapest, it often sells out quickly, so don’t think about it for too long.

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