Little Tikes Endless Adventures Tikes Town

As a parent of two young children age five and six with a boy and a girl we had to decide on a toy that nurtured creativity offered a diverse range of fun that is not gender orientated. We looked at playground equipment but found the ranges to be one dimensional and could not see the equipment being used for more than a week. We were looking for the optimal balance that would allow our children to enjoy themselves whilst being creative and utilizing their cognitive skills. One catch we kept on finding all of the equipment we looked at was astronomical postage costs and other delivery charges, this was another factor alongside the cost of the toy should we pay another 50 bucks for delivery. Then we came across the Little Tikes Endless Adventures.

After some previous bad experience with returning faulty children’s products it was imperative to choose a reputable and respected company. We looked into little tikes after some recommendations from some friends and were impressed with their range so we looked into their catalogue and discovered the endless adventures toy town. It fitted the criteria it was multi functional, not aimed at a particular gender and looked like it would encourage thinking, fun and creativity within a safe environment. We also needed an incredibly durable piece of kit as children and their friends tend to be quite heavy handed in small spaces. We also have heavy snow and rain storms so it kind of needs to stay in one piece. this is why we chose little tikes as their 40 year history indicated quality and durability in a product.

First of all this was the cheapest version we found of this model, after visiting some childrens toy shops and looking online we chose Amazon as they offered the best price as well as free postage. The package was very bulky I cant begin to imagine what the postage would cost on something like this. The package was received in perfect condition and my husband assembled it simply and quickly.


Sometimes I get the feeling that some companies design their products for children with older ones in mind, features such as sharp edges and easily collapse able walls and easy to choke on pieces, what are they thinking?? I am happy to say that the Little Tikes Endless Adventures Playhouse. is child proof in respect to danger, no sharp edges and as sturdy as they come.


  • Bank - we have helped our children develop their mathematics using this Playhouse setting and shown them in a fun way how they can apply maths and why we use numbers.
  • Grocery store- this one is really cool, my husband spends a lot of his free time growing vegetables and fruit with the children and teaching them about plants. It is really sweet when they make up the display baskets for all of the veg and fruit and try and sell it back to you (they are getting too good at this :) )
  • Schoolhouse- our eldest loves this she makes her brother sit and learn about animals and draws pictures and writes on the chalk board and stops him when he tries to escape. The table and chalk board are great interactive features that allow the kids to engage in roleplay and learn in their own way away from a formal school setting.
  • Firehouse- even though only four our son loves playing around on this and putting on the outfit
  • Gas station- this setting is fun and our playing grownups and pumping imaginary gas into our youngest boys little pedal and go car.
  • Sports wall- this is probably our kids favorite setting and the one were we can engage with them more. There is an option of soccer, hockey and basketball, this encourages hand eye co-ordination and social skills of sharing. Their dad also loves playing sports with them and making teams with their little friends.


  • Little Tikes Endless Adventures has detailed interiors

  • Not gender specific- suits our little boy and girl just as much.
  • Free postage with super saving- this is a very bulky and heavy product to get delivered so the free delivery definitely helped
  • Multi functional- and diverse so their attention spans come around full circle when they are fed up with the last one they start again even though the sports wall seems to dominate the attention of them both
  • Easy to assemble Playhouse – the assemblage was simple and fun (well it was for my husband :) )
  • Safe- the adventure town is safe and we feel comfortable leaving them out in the garden to enjoy their games
  • Interactive- the children interact in different ways and situations allowing their social skills to expand whilst nurturing their creativity to make new additions and ways of utilising the apparatus.
  • Durable- it has taken the strain of our kids, their cousins and friends and still remains upright after the rabble attack


  • We feel that they could work on the color scheme a little bit to brighten it up a bit.

Overall there are far more positive aspects to the Little Tikes Playhouse than negative points. Our children are delighted with the town even a year on, this is pretty spectacular for our kids whom usually have the attention span of children hahaha.

We have found that the adventure town functions excellently as a toy, learning tool and a perfect way of the kids interacting. They love playing shop and having a realistic envrironment to do it in. We bring in educational aspects and engage to answer questions about say the gas station and where gas comes from, the history of sport and for my husband the importance of vegetables and keeping the small grocery shops alive.

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