Amiibo Super Mario Figures Up for Order! TOAD!

Amiibo Super Mario Figures Up for Order! TOAD!

Going into the 1/14/2015 Nintendo Direct, I think that all most of us hoped for was an announcement of some more Super Smash Bros. Amiibo figures. Well, we got that–but we also got confirmation that the Nintendo Amiibo figure line will be expanding outside of just characters seen in Super Smash Bros! Coming on March 20th, 2015: Nintendo Amiibo Super Mario series figures–including the first-ever Amiibo Toad figure!

You gotta hand it to Nintendo: they have quickly realized the craze surrounding the Nintendo Amiibo figures, and are responding as any good company would: by flooding the market with loads of new figurines! Having seen the rampant success of the Amiibo Smash Bros figure series, Nintendo is widening their horizons and giving us an Amiibo Super Mario series in March 2015!

The Nintendo Amiibo Super Mario series of figures will include:

  • Nintendo Super Mario Amiibo Mario Figure
  • Nintendo Super Mario Amiibo Luigi Figure
  • Nintendo Super Mario Amiibo Peach Figure
  • Nintendo Super Mario Amiibo Yoshi Figure
  • Nintendo Super Mario Amiibo Bowser Figure
  • Nintendo Super Mario Amiibo Toad Figure

If this list looks familiar, it’s because four of these six characters were available in the 2014 Nintendo Amiibo Super Smash Bros. Series (Luigi, Mario, Peach and Yoshi), with the Bowser Amiibo scheduled for release next month. The Toad Amiibo figure is the only new character in this wave.

Even so, Nintendo has given us all-new poses for the new Mario, Peach, Yoshi and Luigi Amiibos, so those who didn’t pick up their earlier versions (or who hated that ridiculous pose the Smash Bros. Luigi Amiibo figure was in) may want to give the new versions of these figures a try.

The Super Mario Amiibo figure series should be up for pre-order this month, and is scheduled to be released on March 20th, 2015. Given the sales (or lack thereof) of previously-released Nintendo Amiibo figures, I’d expect that the Toad Amiibo figure will be (by far) the most difficult figure in this series to acquire at retail, with the new Peach Amiibo haunting the pegs for ages (just like her original Amiibo figure counterpart).

Are you excited about Nintendo Amiibos expanding beyond fighters from the Super Smash Bros. series of games, Nintendo collectors? Are you interested in owning the same characters in new poses, or will you be skipping any repeat characters that Nintendo releases?

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