Target Exclusive Timmy & Tommy Amiibo Revealed

Target Exclusive Timmy & Tommy Amiibo Revealed

It may have only been yesterday that the first of the long-awaited series of Animal Crossing Amiibo figures were released in the United States, but it seems that Nintendo has big plans for the future of Amiibo Animal Crossing figures… including another store-exclusive figurine that’s on the way! Coming to stores this winter: the Animal Crossing Timmy & Tommy Amiibo!

Timmy & Tommy Nook Amiibo Target ExclusiveWhen the first series of Animal Crossing Amiibos was announced, I was distraught to see my favorite characters left off the list: the twin tanuki (or raccoons outside of Japan), Timmy & Tommy Nook!

Whether Timmy & Tommy are the sons or nephews of Tom Nook (or have no true relation to him at all) is anybody’s guess, but they’ve been appearing in Animal Crossing video games from the beginning and have become beloved characters nonetheless.

Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo Plush Timmy Tommy NookIn fact, Timmy/Tommy are two of the very few Animal Crossing characters to get their own plush toys as part of the Jakks Pacific World of Nintendo line. So it seemed a bit bizarre that they would not be immortalized in plastic Nintendo Amiibo figure form.

Animal Crossing Timmy Tommy NookBut fear not, Tanuki lovers! The dynamic duo are officially confirmed as being on the way–as a Target exclusive Amiibo! That’s right, Timmy & Tommy will ship on one base as one figure (just like Rosalina & Luma)!

As of yet there’s no confirmed release date for this duo, but as they’re already present on the Target display, we can reasonably assume that they’ll be released sometime this winter.

Target Amiibo Coming Soon Screen Timmy Tommy NookI’ll post an update once the Amiibo Timmy & Tommy figures and their release date are officially announced, and you can ‘Like’ NintendoAmiibos on Facebook to have more news beamed right to your Facebook Newsfeed!

Are you excited to see Timmy & Tommy Nook added to the Animal Crossing Amiibo figures roster, collectors, or are you ready for Nintendo to move on to transforming other franchises into figurines?

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