Since the shocking revelation over the weekend that the Nintendo Amiibo Marth, Wii Fit Trainer and Animal Crossing Villager figures have been abruptly discontinued, gamers have become pretty anxious about some upcoming Nintendo Amiibo Series 2 figures possibly being retired immediately as well. Based on the shelf space allocated in stores, we can make a reasonable guess as to which Amiibo Wave 2 figures are likely to be rare and/or discontinued first…

Nintendo Amiibos Wave 2 Display at TargetI’ve been hunting for an Amiibo Wii Fit Trainer this trainer this week, which has brought me back to Target each day (fruitlessly). But today, things looked a little different, as Target had completely reset the Nintendo Amiibo Figures section, allocating space for the Amiibo Series 2 figures being released on 12/14/2014.

I took some photos in the store to document exactly how many pegs at Target had been allotted for each figure. The results are as follows:

  • Nintendo Amiibo Zelda Figure: 2 Pegs
  • Nintendo Amiibo Diddy Kong Figure: 2 Pegs
  • Nintendo Amiibo Luigi Figure: 2 Pegs
  • Nintendo Amiibo Pit Figure: 1 Peg
  • Nintendo Amiibo Little Mac Figure: 1 Peg
  • Nintendo Amiibo Captain Falcon Figure: 1 Peg

Amiibo Captain Falcon and Little Mac Figure Pegs At TargetFor comparison’s sake, every figure in the first set of Amiibos had two pegs allocated to it except for Marth and the Animal Crossing Villager, who had only had one peg each. Seeing as both of those figures have now reportedly been discontinued, it’s not much of a jump in logic to hypothesize that Little Mac, Captain Falcon and Pit will be the first Amiibo Wave 2 to be discontinued by Nintendo.

This isn’t a very surprising finding, as the three franchises that these figures hail from (Pit–“Kid Icarus”; Captain Falcon–“F-Zero”; Little Mac–“Punch-Out”) are far more obscure than the Legend of Zelda, Donkey Kong Country, and various Super Mario games. If there were three figures from Amiibo Series 2 that I would have guessed would be more limited than the others, it’s definitely Pit, Captain Falcon and Little Mac.

Nintendo Amiibo Wave 2 Figures Luigi Pit Little Mac Zelda Captain Falcon Diddy KongThe Series 2 Amiibo figurines are now available for order online, with an official release date of Sunday, December 14th 2014. I’ll post a review any photos of the figures once they’re released, and you can ‘Like’ NintendoAmiibos on Facebook to have news and updates sent right to your Facebook Newsfeed.

What are your thoughts on which figures apples to be limited in Nintendo Amiibo Wave 2, collectors? Will you be snapping up Pit, Little Mac and Captain Falcon ASAP, or are you taking a wait and see approach with series 2?

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