The Bastion Stair Dungeon

Since I plan to play Chaos I imagine I’ll spend quite a bit of time inside the Bastion Stair dungeon.

Here’s an overview of what’s waiting for us inside:

” Those who have the courage to enter the Bastion Stair soon find themselves in an antechamber of horrors; a cavernous, brass-lined room dominated by a fanged skull from whose mouth pours molten brass. Three doorways lead to the outer reaches of the dungeon, dizzying stairways that twist and wind throughout the chaos-infused structure, each home to one of Khorne’s loyal armies and presided over by a hand-picked champion of that dark god.

The final wing of the Bastion Stair is known as the Steps of Fury, and those who would traverse the Steps must first win past the Brass Legion, a daemonic army which guards the approach to the top of the Bastion Stair. Five sealed gates separate would-be conquerors from their ultimate prize, gates which can only be opened by invoking the power of Khorne. The mystery of the seals and the vicious nature of the daemonic forces guarding them have thus far proven more than enough to bar anyone from proceeding to where Kaarn the Vanquisher waits beyond.

The defeat of Khorne’s champions opens the way to the top of the Bastion stair, where the true battle for control of the Rift of Rage can begin. For what awaits those who have come this far is a creature beyond all mortal ken - a Bloodthirster of Khorne. Such an abomination cannot be truly destroyed, only banished back into the realms of Chaos from which it has come, and it has at its disposal all the terrible power of the Blood God. ”

Read the full article on the official Warhammer Online site.

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