Genesis of TV Eye:
“Different with indigeno, toy figure who works indieguerillas first. indigeno actually more appropriately called Figurine, because it can not be played and the movable parts of his body. indigeno exhibited in 2005 at the CP Open Biennale Jakarta. Indigeno form which inspired chubby clown-servants of one character, namely Bagong. Bagong chosen because they represent young people who dare, speak frankly but sincerely. indigeno only made about 20 pcs just for exhibition purposes at the time and not done any thinking for mass production.

Six years later, re-create works of indieguerillas resin figure toy with the name TV EYE. This time some parts of his body have more articullation. TV EYE is still adopting a distinguished Bagong chubby body shape, but this time he is winged, the wings of Gatot Kaca (Gatot Kaca is a super hero figure who can fly like Superman).


Head-shaped TV / Screen because love and hate relationship with TV / Screen. TV could be a good friend and helpful, but sometimes the opposite. Screen / Screen can also represent a computer screen, note book, smart phone …. Etc. Every day we are not tired of looking at it …. In that screen, all the events there. So, at the head of this TV anything can go, like like a blank canvas for the painter.

The right hand fork-shaped because everyone likes food, and needed to eat, and because each food is a work of art.

The left hand held up 2 fingers \ m /, because we love music, especially heavy metal music. Music also inspires us and who lead a good mood in the work.

So was complete TV EYE as a depiction of Visual Arts, Heavy Metal and Gastronomical Adventure.”




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